SIM Card Registration

In compliance with the Telecommunications  Regulatory Authority's (TRA) 'SIM-card Registration Regulation' that applies to all operators, MENA is required to verify the identity of all customers. 

All customers must register their fingerprint at any MENA or VIVA shop.

Registration of Existing Customers 

All existing MENA customers must register their lines at the retail shops:

  • Visit a MENA or VIVA store
  • Show a valid passport or a valid national identity card CPR
  • Scan the fingerprint
  • Registration deadline for existing MENA customers is June 1st, 2018

Registration of New Customers and New SIM Sale

Every new MENA customer must provide the following when requesting a SIM card:

  • Fingerprint Scan*
  • A valid passport or a valid national identity card CPR

Fingerprint verification is compulsory in each of the following cases

  • If you're an existing or a new MENA customer
  • Ownership change
  • Customer verification for existing customers
* Fingerprint scans will be verified by the Information and eGovernment Authority (IGA)

  Charges may apply for successful verifications.