Discover the ultimate games secret by joining our Game 4G Team and run, hide, jump, race faster than anyone else in the web.

How do i get better game experience?

If you play online while using this feature, you will get a much better signal level and a lower delay on the network. This will enable you to play, move and react much faster while enjoying any online game.

menatelecom Game 4G detects the presence of an active game console (Playstation, or Xbox) and gives real-time priority to all the data on these ports to guarantee the smoothest connection and fastest response.

With standard packages, you get a standard latency of around 110ms or greater.

With the Game 4G packages you get a standard latency of less than 80ms 


With the Game 4G packages you get a standard latency of less than 80ms 


What do the signal bars mean?

The colour of the bars indicate the signal quality. The number of bars indicates the signal strength.

Bad signal, bad quality          Medium signal, medium quality       Excellent signal, excellent quality

Which games can i play when using this package?

All games using PlayStation or Xbox only.

How much will this cost me?

Joining the Game 4G Team costs BD 1 in addition to your regular monthly charges.

How do it apply for the services?

If you are already a menatelecom customer, the only thing to do is fill out the application form and send or hand it over to one of the menatelecom branches. If you are not a customer yet, you need to subscribe to one of menatelecom’s broadband packages.

Will this affect my monthly download limit?

The Game package will not cause your monthly limit to increase or decrease; the limit will remain the same and will only be affected based on your usage.

Which games will not work with this package?

All games using PC will remain unaffected.