Menatelecom signs an agreement with the CIO

The Central Informatics Organization (CIO)progresses to Wireless

This project will serve the various ministries of the Kingdom and in cooperation with the company menatelecom.

Sheikh Salman bin Mohammad: The project will provide access wirelessly on our network and will be safe, quick,with reasonable rates.

The Director General of(CIO) Shaikh Salman bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, and Chairman of menatelecom, Mr. Abdul Razakjawahery signed an agreement on Thursday 2 April 2015 at CIO's Isa town building in regards to the government's wireless project in the presence of Directors and representatives of the company.

This project contributes to providing fixed wireless technologies through broadband networks using modern techniques and will be available across the Kingdom to which the Web log to take advantage of its services wirelessly in fast and low cost, this step confirms the Kingdom of Bahrain, represented by the CIO in collaboration and partnership with the private sector leadership in the region and the area of communications and information technology services.

On this occasion, Director General of Central Informatics Organization(CIO) Shaikh Salman bin Mohammed said: "this initiative is building on the experience gained in the practical work with menatelecom, particularly during the recent municipal and parliamentary elections in September 2014, providing all the services and network connections, performance standards and high quality," adding: "We are proud of our collaboration with menatelecom as a Bahraini company which demonstrated promptness and professional performance."

The CIO took upon itself to provide government services to citizens through comprehensive information and services which are safe and accurate, and provided through the use of an electronic link to local corporations and its institutions, which created the device network since the 1980s and contributed during this period in the provision and exchange of relevant information between government institutions, enabling rapid development of services and provide the best to its citizens and residents alike.

Sheikh Salman stressed that this initiative comes as a confirmation and documentation of partnership between the Government and the private sector in the implementation of long-term programs, in order to create a more efficient and effective system. Thus providing more services for the clients of the government through the channels and advanced solutions such as those offered by menatelecom. This approach will contribute to the continuous improvement of productivity and competitiveness, in order to achieve sustainable economic success, and higher levels of performance.

Menatelecom's Chairman, Mr. Abdul RazakJawahery, has applauded this cooperation between Menatelecom and the CIO, which he believes is a reflection of the government's confidence in Menatelecom and its leading role in Bahrain's telecommunications sector. "As per this agreement, Menatelecom shall act as an approved service provider to the CIO. We consider this opportunity to extend our range of services to the government sector as a reward for the success we have achieved thus far," he said. He added "will provide broadband services using cutting-edge technologies, through the Fiber Optics network and the Fourth Generation 4GLTE network with all the necessary support provided by professional engineers. Additionally, Menatelecom will provide state-of-the-art solutions with high speeds, allowing users to instantly access information. It will also provide world-class services that are in line with the digital transformation witnessed by the advanced world."

Mr. Jawahery has praised the CIO's role as recognized in its various initiatives and accomplishments aimed at improving the government's performance and in the set-up of Bahrain's government e-communications infrastructure. The CIO's role is second-to-none and has contributed significantly to the outperformance of the Bahraini government, which is an accomplishment that serves as a source of pride to everyone in the Kingdom.

As per the signed agreement, Menatelecom will be authorized by the CIO to provide all kinds of the latest telecommunications services. Through its know-how of the importance of network performance in accomplishing tasks successfully, Menatelecom represents the finest expertise in operating and managing information on the web, upgrading operating systems, and in providing the maintenance needed for the optimal functioning of both public and private networks.