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mena SharedVPN

mena SharedVPN is a shared VPN service that provides business customers with a cost-effective solution to tie their offices and branches in a secure and reliable manner.

This service does not utilize the Internet and provides a minimum guaranteed bandwidth to satisfy your basic requirements for data and voice applications.

Furthermore, you will find that our solution manages your communication arrangements across multiple sites using our state-of-the art Next Generation WiMAX Network.


menaVPN is a dedicated VPN service aimed at providing business customers with the opportunity to connect their offices and branches together in a secure, reliable and cost-effective manner.

This service is purely designed to carry your data, voice and multimedia applications securely from one location to another over menatelecom’s state-of-the-art network.

Furthermore, our multiple access methods, such as Microwave or Fibre integrate with our Next Generation Network (NGN) to offer a fully-managed single wide area communication arrangement across multiple sites.

You will find the perfect solution for your business continuity and connectivity requirements under menatelecom’s menaVPN service.