About menatelecom

Menatelecom is a fully owned subsidiary of VIVA Bahrain, the leading communications provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Menatelecom has been operating in the Kingdom since 2003 and has earned several local and international accolades since, including being recognized by CommsMEA as the Internet Service Provider of the year for Middle East and Africa. In January 2018, VIVA Bahrain (a part of the Saudi Telecom Group), acquired Menatelecom, a very significant milestone for Menatelecom and a step that will go a long way towards further enhancing our capabilities and service.

Established in 2003, Menatelecom is a leading provider of telecommunication services in the Kingdom of Bahrain. With its large bouquet of unique products, Menatelecom has been successful in accumulating a significant share of the broadband subscriber market in the Kingdom of Bahrain and has received both local and international awards by CommsMEA such as the Internet service provider of the year 2009 in the Middle East and Africa. In January 2018, VIVA Bahrain, a fully owned subsidiary of the Saudi Telecommunications Company (STC), fully acquired Menatelecom further enhancing its position in both the consumer broadband and enterprise markets.

Menatelecom has developed a network based on a world-class next-generation technology solution, delivered by world leaders in the telecommunication field.

Menatelecom meets the telecommunication needs of the residential, business and public sectors by providing services that cover the full spectrum of telecommunication solutions including a comprehensive array of IP Telephony services, High Speed Internet, and Data Services. These services are delivered using state of-the art 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology in addition to a fiber-optic network available at various business areas within Bahrain.

It is also important to highlight that we are constantly seeking to improve service levels to strengthen relations with our customers but also to serve them with the highest standards of telecommunications services.

Menatelecom's long-term strategy is to offer its subscribers high quality broadband and connectivity services enabled by our National Fixed & Wireless Access licenses. Today Menatelecom offers broadband internet service across the country and is committed to continue investing in technology infrastructure to bring the latest fixed and mobile broadband products and services to its customers.